शिष्यता व लीडरशिप का कोर्स

Training and Coaching Ministries


(1) Discipleship Courses:

Level 1: a 21 week course for seekers

Every  Tuesday 7.oo pm to 8.30 pm

We give seekers a one-and-a-half hour class for 21 weeks
in which our aim is for each participant to accept Jesus Christ
and be ready for baptism. We have run Level 1 over the last three years
and more than fifty unbelievers have completed our Level 1 course.

Level 2: a 40 week discipleship course for new believers

Every Thrusday 7.oo pm to 9.00 pm

We meet weekly for two hours of class and two further hours of study is required at home during the week. Our Level 2 course is divided into four areas of teachings:
1. Developing ourselves 2. Developing churches 3. Developing gifts 4. Developing others

During our Level 2 course, disciples fulfill a variety of practical requirements including a one week mission exposure trip. We praise God that this course was accredited as a certificate course by the MTN (Ministry Training Network). At the end of the course we expect our disciples to get involved in church ministry or mission work.
We are beginning our 7th batch of our Level 2 class in August 2011. 185 people have gone through this course over the past six years.


(2) Leadership Development

Every Thrusday 10.00 am to 12.00 noon

Our ministry team leaders meet on Thursdays for two hours to share their ministry challenges and opportunities and to share their biblical preaching and teaching plans. We spend time planning activities together and praying for each other. Accountability and submission is practiced in this group. Our ministry team consists of 14 leaders who in turn oversee 34 people who are serving in ministry.

  (3) Leadership Training Course.

Every Wednesday 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Our leaders need further training and and we are developing a two-year leadership course of to equip our leaders. Our leadership course will cover:
1.Mission and Evangelism 2.Biblical Theology 3.Church Planting 4.Character Building

We are launching our new leadership course in the first week of August 2011. Our course is accredited by the MTN (Ministry Training Network) as a diploma certificate course. Our developing leaders will participate in weekly two-hour classes and receive ministry coaching during the week through our four mentors.
Seeking God’s mind: We began a monthly prayer meeting in which our ministry team of fifty gather to spend the whole night in prayer to seek God’s will and to be in tune with God’s vision for ministry rather than our own.